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Name: Anon
Nickname: Jo 
Birthday: August 1st
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5’2”
Timezone: CDT
What time and date is it here: Monday, September 1, 2014, 3:30 PM
Average hours of sleep I get: 7 hours/day 
Last thing I googled was: Abbreviation for central time?
My most used phrase: “Y’all”
First word that comes to mind: Peace
What I last said to a family member: “Have the dogs eaten” 
One place that makes me happy and why: Home, because that’s where I can find the most important people to me are. 
How many blankets I sleep under: One usually, sometimes two.
Favorite beverages: Water and Lemonade.
The last movie I watched in the cinema: Divergent.
Three things I can’t live without: My family, friends, and phone.
Something I plan on learning: Chinese and/or Korean. 
A piece of advice to all my followers: “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.” ~ Alice Morse Earle
All have to listen to these songs: Warm Whispers by Missy Higgins and Beautiful Goodbye by Maroon 5 
My blogs: jothehappycamper

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